BONUS is an investment bank and financial consultancy focused on the structuring of projects and financial products for businesses, governments, and private investors.
BONUS | Investment bank and financial consultancy

The company was formed in November 2005 and possesses a deep knowledge of both local and regional markets. To date, BONUS has structured close to $20m in project financing. From its very start, BONUS has adhered to a corporate philosophy of closely accompanying its clients throughout all stages of the proposed undertaking, offering an integrated approach that fully unifies the financial, technical, and juridical aspects that ensure the ultimate success of any project. BONUS offers specialised support to enable the smooth financial transactions that allow private businesses and state-owned entities to transform their plans and strategies into tangible assets that underlie successful and innovative projects.


Feasibility at BONUS

The Team

Juan Manuel Martínez
Managing Partner
Juan Manuel Martínez is the managing partner of BONUS responsible for the daily operations of the firm. A civil engineer by profession, he obtained a specialised degree in finance from the Universidad de los Andes. Mr Martínez has fifteen years’ of experience in structuring, financial modelling, and funding of infrastructure projects, the valuation of companies, and in the development of consultancy projects.
Emmanuel Cáceres
Emmanuel Cáceres is one of the founders of BONUS Banca de Inversión. He is a qualified civil engineer with experience in structuring, financial modelling, and funding of transport and public utility infrastructure projects, as well as in business valuation and the development of consultancy projects.


CASE STUDY - Magdalena River Waterway


This constitutes an instrument that engages private capital for the provision of public and associated services which entails the retention and transfer of risk between the partners and establishes cash flow mechanisms in accordance to the service’s level and availability, and is structured by a privately-owned entity that assumes it risks.

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